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Massage Therapies

Medibank Member's choice
HICAPS Available
Remedial Massage 

A therapeutic massage using several specialised techniques to locate and release tension in muscles, tendons and joints, this also supports and stimulates the body's own repair mechanisms. It is recommended for the person who has stiff shoulders/neck and back pain etc, with pressure to suit your needs. 

* If you require a Health Fund Rebate, please let us know at the time of booking, so that we can assign a recognized Health Fund remedial massage therapist for your treatment.

                                                Medibank Price
45 min            $100                         N/A
60 min            $120         $79
90 min            $160                        N/A
Deep Tissue Massage
Enjoy a firm sports/deep tissue massage by our highly qualified therapists who focus on your needs to reduce tightness, tension and soreness; it works by stimulating the nervous, circulatory, hormone, and muscular systems. This is an incredibly relieving and result-orientated treatment where you monitor the pressure.
45 min      $90
60 min     $110
90 min     $150
Swedish Massage
A gentle soothing massage great for relaxation, stress release, stimulation and blood circulation.
45 min      $90
60 min     $110
90 min     $150
Deluxe Aromatherapy Massage

A luxurious massage designed to increase the effect of a blend of essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils) and base oils that we tailor for your specific condition.

These oils have not only beautiful aroma, but also various properties such as promoting healing, reducing stress and boosting immune system so that make greater mental and physical well being possible.


90 min     $160


Hot Stones Massage

Invigorate your senses by absorbing the energy and warmth from the hot stones and the therapists hands for a unique healing experience. A full body, light pressure treatment to nourish the blood vessels and sedate the nervous system. Get ready to go into a deep relaxation and come out feeling better than ever.

80 min     $150

Shiatsu Massage 

Indulge in the ancient Japanese art of Shiatsu. Our specialised oriental therapists can reduce your body’s stress response, ease aches, relieve pains and chronic tension by applying finger pressure on specific energy centres along your body. This treatment can be enjoyed as an alternative to conventional massages as it works by providing a totally unique sensation.

60 min     $110


90 min     $150


Pregnancy Massage

For the most exciting and fulfilling time in a woman’s life.
Our specialized gentle pregnancy massage can help mum’s body
make the most of the nine month journey of great expectations.

*Not available for the first trimester. No pregnancy mattress available.

60 min     $110


Our qualified therapist will see your whole body on the souls of your feet. By focusing on specific reflex points, you are being massaged from the inside as well! After a receiving a luscious hot foot soak, gorgeous lotions and oils are applied with our thumbs and fingers to put you in a deep, serene state. “It is as if you’re walking on a cloud!”

60 min    $110

* treatment comes with eye zone pressure point



Lymphatic Drainage

An extremely gentle, relaxing, rhythmic, pumping massage which aims to speed up the removal of waste products from the body by stimulating the lymphatic system. Great for fluid retention, fatigue, and cellulite.

90 min   $150

EyeZone Pressure Point Treatment

An eyezone therapy which targets the energy lines of the eyezone and face using specific pressure point techniques, including a cold eyezone wrap to soothe. Great for tired eyes from stress. Including scalp massage. 


15min  $35



Organic Body Treatments


Detox Clay Body Wrap

Firming, refining, detoxing, nourishing and healing treatment. Clay is great for fluid retention and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Clay has high absorption properties which helps reduce fluid and waste products within the skin cells, whist giving mineral nutrition and hydration to your skin. A selection of the best blends of clay will be chosen to suit your skin type. Our specialized therapist will incorporate a balancing energy flow to the body whilst performing a relaxing face and scalp pressure point massage. 


60 min    $120

Aroma Body Salt Glow

Exfoliating dead cells and helping with refining, detoxifying and revitalizing the body with a special blend of essential oils and sea salts.


45 min    $85


Aroma Body Salt Glow & Body Wrap

Combination of above two treatments.


105 min    $195



Aroma Body Salt Glow & 60min massage

Combination of above two treatments.

105 min    $185

Detox Clay Body Wrap & 60min massage

Combination of above two treatments.

120 min    $220



Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling is
required or a $40 cancellation fee or 100% fee for no-show will be charged to your account.
If you arrive late, we will finish your treatment on time, while the
treatment fee remains unchanged.

Terms & Conditions


* All prices are subject to change.

* All prices include GST.

* 15% Surcharge applies on public holidays. 

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Body Treatments
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